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My upbringing on the South Side of Chicago made me value relationships and time at an early age. Dodging bullets flying past your head in an attempt to kill you has a profound way of making you realize how short life can be.

As Chief Executive Officer, I started That’s My Property to change the narrative about real estate education and investing in Multifamily Properties. Our mission as a firm is to create generational, legacy wealth for others by investing in apartments in stable, lucrative markets across the United States with double-digit returns. This in turn frees up investors time to do more with family and friends and those they love, but also they now can use their gifts to give back to the world and make it a better place.

That’s my Property also dedicates a significant amount of its recourses to educating youth about financial literacy and real estate.

Value = Education x Passion x Hustle

The logo is a sticky note with the Chicago skyline in the center and a thumbtack holding the sticky note in place. The sticky note itself is a symbol for writing down the goals you want in life as affirmations which lead to manifestation. The idea is that the name of the business itself, That’s my Property, is an ongoing, positive manifestation. Imagine going up to every property or potential deal and saying to yourself “that’s my property.” In this way, the name of my business works double, on the material realm, and the spiritual.

I wanted a name that brought the light out of people and inspired them, and studies have shown that when you write something down (especially goals), you unlock a different part of your brain that allows you to process things differently. Your brain will naturally start to figure out ways to accomplish whatever the goal is. I started writing down my goals and what I wanted out of life in order to escape gang life. I wrote down affirmations such as, “I’m going to get out of Chicago.” Affirmations are an extremely positive and powerful way of speaking intentions into existence. They make challenges easier and inspire us to be and do better.


“Wealth is not about how much money you have in the bank
account; wealth is all of those moments that we can’t get back.”

Sophia Bush


Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, I had two fears everyday: whether I would be killed or worrying about finances.

I was outside when bullets came whirling past my head in an attempt to kill me. And in that moment, I thought about my “WHY”: my mother.

I later escaped gang life and graduated from the U.S Naval Academy. I had accomplished a lot, but still felt “empty” inside because my family still lived pay check to pay check.

I made the commitment to jump head first into real estate by buying my first 4-unit apartment complex in San Diego, California.

Today, I am a successful Multifamily Investor, am a podcast host, 3x Author, host the largest meetup in San Diego, and a motivational speaker for youth and young adults on financial education and leadership.

I got started in Real Estate because I wanted to change the financial narrative of my family and finally give back to my mother after all the sacrifices she made raising triplets boys in the ghetto of Chicago.

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Interesting Facts About Dre


Host of the Multifamily By the Slice real estate podcast

Is an avid weightlifter

Grew up singing in a Gospel Choir and can professionally play 3 instruments

Wrote 3 books

Attends every MARVEL movie on opening knight

Muscle Car Enthusiasts

His favorite book of all time is called RESILIENCE by Eric Gritens

Wakes up at 2am everyday to pray, write out his goals, and plan out the day

His love for community outreach, mentorship, and working with youth started his sophomore year as a student as the United States Naval Academy

His favorite food is Chicago pizza

He grew up eating one watermelon a week with his Grandfather

Is a professional artist whose work has been featured at the Art Institute of Chicago

Received a pellet of uranium as a gift for his excellence in Nuclear Engineering while attending a workshop at the United States Military Academy at West Point

Collects snapback and fitted hats


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