3 Ways to Get Into Apartment Syndication

Syndicators raise money from passive investors to purchase and manage an apartment community, and share in the profits.

This requires education and experience that can be gathered in several ways…

Many of the skills needed to be an apartment syndicator overlap with the skills needed to successfully navigate the world of business.

Building and managing a team

Handling apartment deals

Finding and courting investors

You’ll want to build a good team of people who specialize in the aspects of apartment syndication that you don’t already have experience with,for instance,a syndication mentor, a real estate broker, a property manager, and even a partner with prior real estate experience.

You could get into the industry by creating valuable content for those already in the industry.This could be through a podcast,blog,or videos.




If you don’t have the experience needed to teach,learn along with your audience by interviewing experts.

This builds your knowledge around apartment syndication while also building your own personal network of experts and your audience, who may become your next mentor, passive investor, or partner.

If you make valuable content, this method also builds reputation in the industry.

This path brings knowledge *and* hands-on experience.

You can find successfulapartment syndicators through social media, meetups, conferences and seminars, or by searching around on YouTube or syndication blogs.

When you find an apartment syndicator you’dlike to intern for, do some research. Find out their background and see if you can identify some kind of help they might need that you can offer.

The idea is to show them you will bring them value. Maybe you have access to some potential deals in a new market, or even ideas about how they can market themselves better.

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